[RDD] Serial Out vs GPIO

Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Mon May 16 06:56:40 EDT 2016


I have a BT ACS 8.2.  I initially tried to set up the switcher in 
Rivendell but something about Ubuntu didn't like to reliably do it (the 
serial port stopped accepting commands after a while).

In the end I settled on using RN to call a script that used screen's 
stuff command to do the same thing.

Its been running fine for about 6months. I wrote it all up here:


On 13/05/16 19:12, Ben Blevins wrote:
> Just curious to see how others are using GPIO.  I have a Broadcast 
> Tools SRC-8 III and Star Tech USB to RS232 adapter.  Are you setting 
> up the SRC-8 in the Switchers/GPIO or just controlling via a Macro 
> with an SO RML command directly? I'm just trying to send relays out to 
> my backhaul for local automation.
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