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Brad Beahm brad at kliqfm.com
Tue May 10 17:16:28 EDT 2016

Hey Matthew,

I don't know if someone else answered your question yet so I'll give you
what I've picked up through some other discussions.

In short, no.  Rivendell currently can not play back the new version of
what is currently recording.  The recording must finish completely before
it can play in Rivendell.

I too would really really really love to have that feature implemented. It
would greatly help up my efforts to make Rivendell my main and only
automation system. (currently Riv runs my music and my other system runs
commercials and my 6min TOH CBS News)

There is a really good thread from March 17th in the Rivendell Open Source
Radio Automation facebook group.
Some of the good quotes from John Anderson, a Paravel support guy, in that
FB group thread.
"Rivendell can actually record to a cart that is playing, and the show that
is playing will finish properly, (and will be replaced with the new show,
immediately upon completion"
"What Rivendell does do well, is allow you to update a cart that is
currently playing on the air, while it is playing..allow you to play back
that cart, then update it, so if you played it back the next time, you have
the new material"

What you and I want to accomplish with recording a Top of Hour network
newscast and playing it back slightly delayed is not currently possible in
Rivendell.  That is the top thing on my short list of things I think
Rivendell is missing.  It would be probably best in situations where there
was a fixed record duration, like a hard timed newscast.  Playing back a
floating time segment while it's still recording would be much tricker due
to the fact that you couldn't know how long the currently playing segment
would wind up being.

I couldn't begin to guess at the ease or difficulty of writing the code to
make that work, but I would be overjoyed if it could happen

Brad Beahm
Operations Manager
Platte River Radio
Hastings and Kearney, NE

On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 4:14 PM, Matthew Chambers <mchambers at showmeham.info>

> I've noticed that Rivendell plays back the previous hours recording of our
> hourly news, which gets recorded into a cart from xx:00 to xx:04 every
> hour. Nearly every hour overlaps by anywhere from a few seconds to a couple
> minutes before the legal ID and toh news plays. Is there a way to have
> rivendell playback what's being currently recorded instead of the last
> hours?
> Matthew A. Chambers
> Assist. Director / Public Information Officer
> Wright County Emergency Management Agency
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