[RDD] USB audio woes

Lorne Tyndale ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com
Tue May 10 09:38:36 EDT 2016


I've found that USB audio stuff is a hit or miss.  It can work reliably,
or it can cause more grief then it is worth.  Overall I prefer PCI /
PCIe based cards.

One issue that I ran into on one machine - the USB plugs were right next
to the power supply and would get hot.  After the system had run for a
while the USB device would lose connection, and then come back (get
re-found) with a different device number.  

As best I can tell the power supply heat was causing the connectors in
the USB plug itself to warm up, expand / contract, and lose connection /
reconnect with the device.  I tested this once by pulling the power
supply out of the case (using another power supply with longer
connections), and the thing ran for a few days.  Then I warmed the USB
plug up with a hair dryer and the problem came back.  

Lorne Tyndale
> I'm reluctantly being forced to conclude that all USB audio devices are 
> bad news. They have a habit of suddenly ceasing to be recognized, and 
> while sometimes it's enough to restart the Rivendell daemons, I have one 
> machine with an externally powered USB audio device where if the machine 
> reboots, it will not recognize the USB audio device until the device's 
> external power is cycled.
> Has anyone here had similar experiences?
> Rob
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