[RDD] Best way to import daily news into playing log

Jim Stewart jstewart at paceaudio.com
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Yes, I also do some of this kind of stuff.

Normally you would just use RD-Catch to get all the online sources.  But in our case I needed to edit the content first (we only broadcast the 1st half of the file), so I did a Linux "bash" script the uses tools like wget and mp3-split to automatically get and cut things up, then used the command-line RD-import to import what is left into a cart.  Then I used the Linux cron scheduler to schedule this.  Hopefully you don't have to do all this, but you could if you needed to.   My point here is that if Rivendell can't do something you need, you can use some Linux tools behind it to get it done and even call it within Rivendell if needed.

As far as intermixing your locally produces elements with your online downloaded elements, I would try scheduling lots of carts around your online elements that would just get skipped over if they weren't filled.  If you do this, you probably need to schedule some sort of cleanup task (perhaps another bash script that simply deletes the carts) so that you don't end of airing old news if the cart never got filled.  Perhaps your whole news montage is more organized than this such as a single local news cart after a national news cart (perhaps with a local "intro" in front) is all you need so you won't have to get so fancy.

The concept of "donut" carts (intro and outro, with empty space in the middle) might work for you too (remember to set the seque point at a normally ridiculous point to make a donut cart work, and turn off the auto fade mode for it too). I wouldn't rely on making your staff do this to a cart that needs to be replaced everyday however.

In any case let us know exactly what you wish to do and we should be able to help you do it.  

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I'm looking for ideas on how to import the news casts for different hours of a given day that are produced the morning of the day they are to air. We can add them manually to the playout log but is there a way to create an event that imports from a file just before it airs or somehow automate this so the producer can just drop it into a folder?

We are a Spanish station and we get our news from online sources as well as live recording by staff, connect the pieces, edit it, and drop it into the playing log, but there must be a way to automate this better.


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