[RDD] voicetrack help

Lorne Tyndale ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com
Sun May 1 23:43:40 EDT 2016


The second start button does not become active until you hit "record".

Normally to voice track, you'd hit the first "Start" button, that will
cause the tail of your first track to start playing.

When you want to start recording your voice, hit "Record".  The first
track will continue to play until it reaches its end, Rivendell will
also start to record the voice track.

Then when you want the next track to start, you'd hit the second start
button (which will now be active), it'll start playing the second track
and continue to record (if you want to talk over the intro of the second
track, for example).  When you hit "Save" it'll stop recording.  You can
then play it back, tighten it up if needed, tweak levels, save it and go
on to the next, or do it all over again.

Hope this makes sense.

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> On ubuntu 14.04, Rivendell 2.10.3 from tryphon, I have set my voice tracker
> settings to a Max record time of 1:00:00, autotrim of -30, normalization of
> -13, MPEG Layer 2, 128kbs Enable 2nd start button YES, but when I go to
> track, the second start button is there but it's unclickable. Any idea what
> is wrong or what settings I missed?<hr>_______________________________________________
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