[RDD] Autostarting Rdairplay on bootup

Cowboy curt at cwf1.com
Wed Jun 29 20:19:21 EDT 2016

On Wednesday 29 June 2016 10:32:00 am Seth Stevenson wrote:
>  I then added the script to rc.local like this. sudo sh
> /etc/init.d/rdairplay. 

 rc.local traditionally runs as root, so sudo is redundant. ( unpredictable )

On Wednesday 29 June 2016 12:54:54 pm Wayne Merricks wrote:
> The Pi uses Debian Jessie these days and I think systemd runs on that.  

 Ow ! Can you say "relay race" ?
 That is, if rc.local a reliable staple in unix for some 40 years or so,
 runs at all !
 They "fixed" what wasn't broke, largely because they could.
 Now, rc.local may run, or not, or who knows when.

 I use rc.local on a system to do some system configuration that
 just can't be done any other way, on a CentOS6.7 system, which uses
 either systemd or upstart, RHEL seems to change it with the wind,
 BUT I did have to sacrifice two virgins and a chicken while rattling the
 bones of a dead black cat to get it to run as rc.local traditionally always
 has.  Last in the system start sequence.

 rc.local used to be as deterministic as QNX.
 Now, with systemd to make things boot faster, I have to add 5 minute
 delay loops, and make it as deterministic as Windows.
 ( it's real time, provided your deadline is three weeks from next Tuesday )

 Forgive me. I'm used to LynxOS, QNX, VX, and others, where the deadline
 is counted in machine cycles, not minutes or seconds.



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