[RDD] Autostarting Rdairplay on bootup

Seth Stevenson rcflyer30 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 10:32:00 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I have been pulling my hair out trying to autostart rdairplay on a pi. I
have created a script to do this called rdairplay located at
/home/bananapi. I then added the script to rc.local like this. sudo sh
/etc/init.d/rdairplay. I then go to terminal and run sudo
/etc/init.d/rc.local start and it runs fine and rdairplay comes up. However
when I reboot it does not run the rdairplay application. I have tried
everything I know. Why would it run manually, but not on reboot. Is there a
better or different way to do this?

Seth Stevenson
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