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Gerard gerard.burton at ntlworld.com
Tue Jun 28 13:50:11 EDT 2016

Well cowboy as it turns out it wasn't a fundament error in the user ... ie me I am a newbie but not to computing and the radio station I am hoping to use this system in  is a charity run by volunteers so its learn or not use the system !

Update and maybe some helpful news 

So I did a clean appliance (6.6 plus 2.5.5)  install tested fine rebooted tested fine (I filmed it all)
Installed the update rivendell 2.14.1-1 only nothing more went in to admin next  then in to rdairplay loaded the test tone it bummed out  it didn’t play the tone  closed Rivendell then tried to open rdairplay again daemons again so I changed the sound card output to a different one in rdalsaconfig it showed 3 analog sound devices no 1 to 3 all on the same irq

Used service Rivendell stop then start ... it worked it said ok ! 

Went into rdairplay loaded test tone ... it played but I had no sound I tried all the jack sockets on the board but no sound 

So I plugged in an old Microsoft sound system 80 via usb changed the setting rdalsaconfig to the system 80 and then tried to play the test tone I got the Frozen RDairplay  (never had that before) I took the option to kill Rivendell then did a service Rivendell stop then start  and hay presto test tone works I have sound 

So it would seam that the 2.14.1-1 dose something to the sound card settings when it updates and I would guess that it doesn't upset the sound card if it’s a ASI one and why it dosent show up for some people 

lets face it no one running a test system is going to go out and buy an ASI sound card until they know they need it and they are going to use Rivendell, I would have a very hard time getting the committee to release the funds to buy an ASI card full stop ...  

Hope this helps all 


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On Monday 27 June 2016 04:26:12 pm Gerard wrote:
> "yum update Rivendell"  said yes when needed on the update Then did 
> nothing at all apart from shut  centos 6.6 down switched pc off then 
> on again then tried to open rdairplay ... daemons failed this says to 
> me that there is a fundamental error in the appliance ver V Rivendell 
> 2.14.1

 No, that's a fundamental error in the user not doing what has been stated,  and restated time and time again.

 After the update, but before any attempt to run it, you must open  rdadmin and do nothing, so that it can automagically correct/update  the database to something runable.

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