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On Jun 27, 2016, at 22:21, drew Roberts <zotzbro at gmail.com> wrote:

> Given that this is the case and since it does not seem like it is a problem that will go away, is there a safe way to have rivendell make this check and run the rdadmin bits automatically on such an upgrade?

Schema updates are handled automatically by rpm(8) every time an updated Rivendell RPM is applied and have been for many years.  While it certainly won’t hurt to run RDAdmin after such, it’s not really necessary *in those cases*.  I emphasize that last because there are many ways out there to install and update Rivendell, some on platforms that do not support RPM at all. This is why we put that warning about running RDAdmin after updates in every release announcement.

> How can such automation of the database upgrade blow things up horribly and thus make this a terrible idea? 

I’m far from convinced that the database update *per se* is blowing anything up, on the basis of the many sites that have made transition to v2.14.1 without incident as well as my own tests here.  I suspect that we may have a confluence of factors operating: upgrade to CentOS 6.8, *along with* upgrade to Rivendell v2.14.1, *along with* ALSA sound setups.  I’ve not been able to reproduce this problem here at all.


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