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On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 6:41 AM, Cowboy <curt at cwf1.com> wrote:

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> drew Roberts <zotzbro at gmail.com> wrote:
> > is there a safe way to have rivendell make this check
> > and run the rdadmin bits automatically on such an upgrade?
> >
> > How can such automation of the database upgrade blow things up
> > horribly and thus make this a terrible idea?
>  Submitted for your approval....

~;-) Right.

>  Take a plant like mine, or any cluster really...
>  Say, I were to walk in and see that TV production is not currently
>  being used, so do an upgrade there.
>  The system auto-detects an obsolete database for itself, and does the
>  auto-update you suggest. That database lives on a redundant hot-standby
>  pair of servers serving the whole plant.
>  What about the other 8 or so radio installations here, that all use
>  the same database ? OK, some of them could crash horribly, and it
>  wouldn't be fatal, but the live network feeds could potentially affect
>  several hundred professional broadcast facilities across the country,
>  and in our case across continents ( plural ), that pay us good money
>  for that to not happen.
>  Better, would be for the upgraded install to throw up a warning
>  that the configured database is obsolete, so functionality
>  may be limited, as well as un-squashing bugs, if it'll start at all.
>  But in the final analysis, Rivendell is a *professional* broadcast
>  play-out system, by and **for** professionals.
>  In a professional environment, particularly one of a level that
>  requires an actual, real system administrator, to actually administer
>  systems, some things should not be automated, IMHO.

I am more trying to reduce the noise on the lists where time is spent
helping with the same problems over the years. So, while I agree that some
things should not be automated, we are running these systems on computers
and it seems to make some sense to try and automate what can safely be

So, perhaps a Standalone/Networked flag/config option could solve that.

Let's say on initial setup it asks if this is a standalone or networked
setup. If standalone, it further asks if you want auto or manual database
upgrades and explains once again what happens if you choose manual or auto.

If it is a standalone system and auto db upgrades were chosen, it can
auto-backup db and then auto-upgrade on first startup after any update that
changes db version.

Would that break any standalone systems?

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