[RDD] RDAirplay froze, gam_server?

Cowboy curt at cwf1.com
Fri Jun 24 10:22:35 EDT 2016

On Fri, 24 Jun 2016 09:21:40 -0400
Fred Gleason <fredg at paravelsystems.com> wrote:

> On Jun 24, 2016, at 07:32, Cowboy <curt at cwf1.com> wrote:
> > There's still a possibility that THAT disk may not exhibit the
> > problem on the hardware available to Fred's location.
> Nor does it.  No sign of ‘gam_server’ running when I boot it at all.
> In fact, I’ve not been able to goose this one on *any* of the systems
> here.

 I assume you un-did our hack on the gam_server binary ?

 If it all still fails to exhibit the problem, let's put that disk
 in Karen, since we already know the problem is manifest on Plankton.

 And if THAT fails, we need to start comparing what's different
 between here and there in some detail.



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