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On Jun 23, 2016, at 21:21, rcflyer30 at gmail.com wrote:

> I tried a fresh install tonight. The appliance version is of rivendell is 2.5.5 and centos 6.6. The first thing I did was yum update then rdadmin. It worked, then I rebooted and daemons won't start. The upgrade was to centos 6.8 and rivendell 2.14.1. I tried the sound card amendment and that didn't help. Something is breaking, but I don't know what. 

Did you reboot the system after doing the update?  That update includes new kernel and glibc versions; a reboot will be needed before things will work properly.

FWIW, I just tried something very similar here: installed Appliance  That installed CentOS 6.5 and Rivendell 2.5.5.  Rivendell worked fine.  Did a full update.  Rebooted.  Got CentOS 6.8.  Rivendell was updated to v2.14.1, and still works fine.  And, no trace of ‘gam_server’ here either.

Something’s not adding up somewhere.


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