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On Jun 22, 2016, at 13:43, Seth Stevenson <rcflyer30 at gmail.com> wrote:

>  I guess I am looking for an update of the whole appliance dvd with everything working together out of the box. 

Everything does work ‘out of the box’, with the versions that were current at the time the DVD image was authored.  For later versions, run the updater.  This has been IT industry standard practice since the advent of the modern Internet some 20 years ago.

> The new version of rivendell doesn't work with mysql as I understand it, and therefore doesn't work, therefore upgrading rivendell doesn't really help at all.

Ok, let’s define some terms here.  What version of Rivendell?  What version of MySQL?  On what platform(s)?

FWIW, I currently have systems running Rivendell v2.14.1 on CentOS 7.2.1511 with MariaDB 5.5.47-1, CentOS 6.8 with MySQL 5.1.73-3 and CentOS 5.11 with MySQL 5.0.95.  All use only stock CentOS packages (plus the Paravel packages for Rivendell), achieved by running the standard yum(8) update after installation.  All are working perfectly.

We do have a current known issue with MySQL 5.7.x, for which Wayne Merricks has submitted fixes and which will appear in the next regular release.  AFAICT, Ubuntu 16.04 is the only major distro that is currently shipping that version.  It’s also been widely reported that that particular release of Ubuntu has been experiencing lots of teething trouble in other areas as well (which will doubtless be sorted in due course).  None of this affects Broadcast Appliance setups in any way though.


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