[RDD] RDAirplay froze, gam_server?

Tom Van Gorkom tomvangorkom at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 21:38:11 EDT 2016

Rivendell 2.14.1 on CentOS 6.7, Client server setup, quad core 3 GHz AMD
processor, 8GB RAM

Last week a workstation began freezing intermittently when editing clocks.
Top showed a load average of 1.5 at the time and some % of wait. The top
processes running were gam_server and Xorg with rd aps bouncing up and
down. After restarting, it has stayed at a load average between .4 - .9 but
no freezing so far.

Tonight, our main on-air workstation froze for about 30 sec, first during a
live show using RD Panel and then a few minutes later after putting it back
on automation. The Load was over 1 and the wait about .9%-but changing
constantly. I rebooted and it settled down. Again, the main processes
running are gam_server and Xorg, but in all cases, gam_server runs WAY more
than anything else.

Has something changed in recent updates of the OS or aps that I should have
avoided? How do I get rid of gam_server or do I need it?


Tom Van Gorkom
Radio Esperanza Engineering, KRIO AM/FM, KOIR FM
Office: 956-380-8150
Cell: 865-803-7427

Rio Grande Bible Institute
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