[RDD] Tryphon Debian Repository

Cowboy curt at cwf1.com
Tue Jun 21 18:34:46 EDT 2016

On Tuesday 21 June 2016 03:05:50 pm Rob Landry wrote:
> The problem is that the USB sound device occasionally disappears, then 
> reappears, causing Rivendell not to see it until the Rivendell daemons are 
> restarted.

 Good for you ! ( restarting the daemons )

 I've seen this before, and not just with USB sound cards, but with other
 USB things, whence I learned that the *only* way to actually reset the
 USB, is a cold restart.

 Were that there was ( and perhaps today there is ) a way to re-initialize
 the USB without a firmware reset.



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