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Tue Jun 21 18:00:13 EDT 2016


Le 21/06/2016 à 21:30, Fred Gleason a écrit :
>> Well, my plan is to switch to Fedora 24, and from what I read on this
>> list, it seems that, as it ships with MariaDB as a replacement for
>> MySQL, I might run into a lot of trouble... with the additional fact
>> that the default storage engine is InnoDB. And I seem to remember that
>> this engine is not well supported either by Rivendell.
> Just curious: why Fedora and not RHEL 7 (or one of free clones
> thereof)? FWIW, I’ve been developing Rivendell on CentOS 7 for a year
> now (with MariaDB).  No problems found.
> Cheers!

Well, my bad, I thought MariaDB would have been an issue at all. Thanks
for clarifying.

As for Fedora's choice, well... from the beginning (the earliest
download of Rivendell I can find on the server is 2.2.0, but I'm sure I
started with an even older version, so was my Fedora distrib at the
time), it has always worked very well. So... I kept it :)

Thanks for the info !


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