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On Jun 21, 2016, at 09:18, Andy Higginson <andy at higgles.co.uk> wrote:

> As far as the CentOS version goes, I've just installed that onto a test machine, and when I get time, I'm having a play.  Being used to the regular updates of Ubuntu etc, the one thing that did surprise me was the Kernel version and age of the OS.  However, I suppose that this only really needs to be updated to support major new pieces of hardware, and that stability is the most important thing in the broadcast world.

Correct.  That is the whole philosophy of an ‘Enterprise’ distro in a nutshell.  Security fixes from subsequent kernels and userland utils are back ported by RedHat and then distributed as sub-point updates, so the system stays ‘current’ where it counts while also remaining stable.  This is all-important when dealing with large deployments.

>  Is it worth me taking a look at the beta CentOS 7 version of the appliance or should I forget this for now?

Rivendell has actually been working well on CentOS 7 for some time.  The Appliance however has been problematical because Kickstart (the system that allows automated installations) does not play well with the current UEFI BIOes.  


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