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Robert Jeffares jeffares.robert at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 17:43:02 EDT 2016

I had this problem with a server, running a well known operating system, 
hosting a number of programme files which would not respond to rdcatch 
but worked fine from the command line.
Forensic examination of the audio files and RD logging failed to 
determine a root cause. It may have been the filenames or it may have 
been the tags or it may have been the mp3 encoding by a proprietary 
system used at the network.

running a script fixed it. I use cron rather then macro carts. I use 
wget in preference to curl. wget seems to be able to do the transaction 
with the server better. If there are gaps in the filename use '%20'

This is run as a cron job with output directed to a log file.
The renaming meets local protocol for audio files.
dateline=$(date +%h%d-%H)
#this uses wget to get a file from the server which rdcatch would not 

wget -O /home/rd/dropbox/newscheck.mp3 

# note the use of '%20' for spaces rather than '\ '

# once you have the file you can use rdimport either as part of this script
# or separately We use separate in case download this hour fails.



Robert Jeffares

On 17/06/16 06:06, Rob Landry wrote:
> Tell rdcatch to run a macro cart; set up the macro cart to run a shell 
> script. Since your URL will work in a terminal window, it will 
> probably work in the shell script.
> It's a little bit more complicated than one would like, but it should 
> work.
> Rob
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