[RDD] RDCATCH https url download

Hoggins! fuckspam at wheres5.com
Thu Jun 16 09:58:32 EDT 2016

One of our partners hosts their audio files on an web server that
rejects any request coming from something else than an actual web browser.
We had to modify the source of Rivendell to change the User Agent to a
"common" web browser. It works like a charm.

Maybe that's the problem ? To be sure, just try to download it with cURL
on commandline. If it succeeds, then we might want to look somewhere else.


Le 16/06/2016 15:25, Brett Patram a écrit :
> Hey Nicolas,
> Good call,,It isn't self signed as far as I can tell..  checking the message log comes back with:
> Jun 16 09:10:35 rdhost rdcatchd: Unknown file format: 020047_001, id: 16
> Its an MP3 file. Looking at its properties it shows as a mono, 48000hz sample, 192 bit rate, CBR file  
> After downloading myself I can indeed load the file into a cart manually. 
> Might be something totally different going on here. More on the side of the CDN hosting these files perhaps.
> Thanks for the insight, now I can confirm rdcatch does support http

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