[RDD] Synchronizing carts and logs

Rob Landry 41001140 at interpring.com
Wed Jun 15 09:38:26 EDT 2016

I'm not comfortable playing linear audio files across the Internet, 
particularly from either Cape Cod or Block Island, where available 
bandwidth can vary wildly. The Block Island station runs rdairplay on a 
machine at its transmitter site with local audio and a local database, 
precisely to avoid dropout issues.

On the island, Verizon DSL or mobile broadcband from Verizon or AT&T are 
the only Internet options, and my understanding is that they all connect 
to the mainland Internet through a common (Verizon? ) microwave hop whose 
capacity is adequate for the island's year-round population of 1,000, but 
less so in the summer when it baloons to 10,000 or more.

Cape Cod may have a similar problem; our Comcast service there is 
nominally 20 Mbps (IIRC), but there are times when we have horrendous 
dropout problems when live audio from my client's Hyannis studio is routed 
to his Framingham (Boston) station. Those live broadcasts are either 64 
Kbps HE-AAC or 128 Kbps MP3.

Re: replication: neither the Hyannis nor the Framingham database can be a 
slave of the other. There are audio carts produced in Hyannis that run in 
Framingham and vice-versa. In theory, someone can record a newscast or 
feature and expect it to air 15 minutes later at the other facility.

The scripts we have work; my only issue is minimizing the headache at 
upgrade time.


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On Mon, 13 Jun 2016, Cowboy wrote:

> On Monday 13 June 2016 04:57:44 pm Rob Landry wrote:
>> If someone at WSRO records a newscast in Rivendell, I want it to show up
>> at WBAS with the same cart number, metadata, and audio; and if someone
>> records a spot at WBAS, I want it to show up at WSRO.
>> Moreover, I also want logs generated at one station to be available at the
>> other.
> How big are the network pipes ?
> Common database/sound server ?
> Replication, and rsync /var/snd ?
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