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On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 8:46 PM, Tim Elwell <telwell at pilotproductions.net>

> On 6/14/16 12:23 PM, Fred Gleason wrote:
>> Likewise, we then extend Rivendell’s import tools (RDImport and
>> RDLibrary) to parse this same data structure, thus giving us a
>> high-fidelity path for transferring both audio and Rivendell cart/cut
>> metadata between systems.
>> Fred, would it be possible then to allow the audio to change formats
> between RD systems with this? For example, if your primary was WAV audio,
> but you needed to export to a different system that was mp2, would it be
> possible to export the data from the WAV primary station and import it to
> the mp2 station with all the correct information? In my brain it seems like
> it would, but that's getting outside my brain's expertise level.

We shall see what Fred says, but I am fairly certain this is a piece of
cake. I have dome something very similar already.

> snip...

> So, it would be nice to set it up in the primary wav system with all
> information and segue points (though, I'm not sure the segues would
> calculate right between formats), etc done there, then export the setup to
> the mp2 systems without having to keep two master systems (1 wav, 1 mp2) so
> everything is the same.

it would actually be 1.wav at the master location
and it would also be 1.wav at the secondary location

1.wav at the master would contain pcm data
1.wav at the secondary would contain mp2 data

At least that has been my experience so far with my limited efforts in this

> And yes, I know hard drives are cheap, but connectivity in some places
> isn't, so transferring 8megs vs 40 megs makes a big difference when
> multiplied across many songs each week.
> Anyway, mostly still a curiosity at this point, but could make my life a
> lot easier for a project I've been working on for a while.
> Thanks for all the great work!
> Tim
> all the best,

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