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On Mon, Jun 13, 2016 at 2:52 PM, Fred Gleason <fredg at paravelsystems.com>

> On Jun 13, 2016, at 14:33, drew Roberts <zotzbro at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am not sure about all metadata, but WO puts things like artist and title
> in the file. When you import into another system, this comes along. (IIRC.)
> This has been true for Rivendell as well for quite some time.

I thought so, but I could not get the export going to check it out the last
time I needed so I worked things another way.

> It would likely be good if we had the option to leave the file name as
> cart_cut or change it to something like title_artist or artist_title.
> The main limitation with the current scheme is the relative paucity of
> available metadata fields.  For formats that offer transparent audio
> quality, you’re basically limited to WAV, which means BWF/CartChunk for
> metadata.
Have you looked at Wavpack?


"Uses ID3v1 and APEv2 tags for metadata (including ReplayGain)"

Would that get us there?

>  Not much there beyond Title, Artist and Client (although there is support
> for providing Start/End, Segue and Talk marker data, a facility which
> Rivendell takes full advantage of).  Various automation vendors have
> proprietary extensions that provide more fields, but those are pretty much
> limited to interoperation within that vendor’s product offerings (and
> Rivendell, which will read a number of those formats).
> While we could go down the road of inventing Yet Another One-Off Metadata
> Format, it’d far more useful to use something that is a bit more industry
> standard while also offering the ability to capture the full range of
> available fields.  Those may be incompatible requirements.  Any ideas?

Have an export option that writes out:

file.wav|flac|mp3 etc.



where audio goes in the first and matching metadata in the second.


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