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Robert Jeffares jeffares.robert at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 20:54:20 EDT 2016

On 14/06/16 06:26, Rob Landry wrote:
> Doing a database backup/restore once a day and rsync'ing /var/snd, as 
> some have suggested, is impractical. 

With a little bit of organization you can extract from mysql everything 
you need to update "on the network" and still leave "local" carts like 
Weather Traffic Community Announcements etc untouched.

I operate three sites which get updated at :45 each hour using a shell 
script which extracts data from mysql which is rsync-ed to each client 
and imported into the local mysql. It's split and staggered.
I have had to make one amendment in 5+ years. Thats acceptable.
Ads and Promos get updated at the same time. All clients copy all audio; 
this provides backup I have had occasion to use.
Clients load News Weather etc at :55 so the local system has accurate 
material and durations.

Music for the following 7 days is updated early evening. No updates 
happen midnight -5am which is when logs are generated.

I have considered the multiple source option; at the moment all input 
[other then weather traffic news] goes to the master server.

If someone remotely produces audio they put it in the local dropbox and 
it gets rsync-ed back to base, imported, and distributed in the next update.

We have a series of long format programmes which are supplied as mp3's 
so they are distributed to each station and carted locally. Since the 
master sets the durations etc the database is accurate. Carting is 
logged and a copy of the log emailed to be checked for errors.

I thought about having a round robin update, which, while possible, is a 
bit cumbersome and just adds to the error potential.

I am in process of testing a VPN setup for voice tracking [I now have 2 
independent Broadbands here]  and have been investigating the mirroring 
of /var/snd and what is involved in keeping everything in sync.  I might 
say if the voice tracking works thats all I need. I think RD will grab 
enough audio for that to work over ADSL maybe not all that fast but fast 

Rivendell has been designed around one audio library serving multiple 
clients at a single site. Cloning a system is easy enough. Genetic 
Modification is a little trickier.


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