[RDD] Synchronizing carts and logs

Lorne Tyndale ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com
Mon Jun 13 14:56:18 EDT 2016


If you're going from Rivendell to Rivendell, there is always the
rivendell_filter script


It'll copy over carts, metadata, etc.

> I had a discussion with a Rivendell user in western New Hampshire this 
> morning -- not one of my clients -- who said he wished Rivendell had the 
> ability to transfer files with metadata seamlessly from one server to 
> another, as (he claims) Wide Orbit and NexGen do.
> I mentioned that I wrote a couple of Perl scripts to do this (actually, 
> one script handles files, while the other handles logs). I use the 
> METADATA_DATETIME field in the CART table and the MODIFIED_DATETIME field 
> in LOGS to determine which copy of a record is more recent, and 
> synchronize accordingly. The only hitch is that it isn't possible to 
> delete a log or cart, since the time stamp for a record is deleted with 
> the record. If we need to delete something, we must delete it manually 
> from both machines simultaneously. While that's not a problem with just 
> two servers, it might be a challenge were we synchronizing a dozen of 
> them.
> What concerns me is upgrading to new versions of Rivendell and the need to 
> go through both scripts to see if any changes have been made to the CART, 
> CUTS, LOGS, or *_LOG tables that might break the scripts.
> If a future database schema omits, say, METADATA_DATETIME, one or both 
> scripts might break irreparably.
> Is there a better way to solve the synchronization problem (say, through 
> the Web interface)?
> Doing a database backup/restore once a day and rsync'ing /var/snd, as some 
> have suggested, is impractical.
> I am curious how other RD users have approached this problem.
> Rob
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