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On Jun 13, 2016, at 14:33, drew Roberts <zotzbro at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am not sure about all metadata, but WO puts things like artist and title in the file. When you import into another system, this comes along. (IIRC.)

This has been true for Rivendell as well for quite some time.

> It would likely be good if we had the option to leave the file name as cart_cut or change it to something like title_artist or artist_title.

The main limitation with the current scheme is the relative paucity of available metadata fields.  For formats that offer transparent audio quality, you’re basically limited to WAV, which means BWF/CartChunk for metadata.  Not much there beyond Title, Artist and Client (although there is support for providing Start/End, Segue and Talk marker data, a facility which Rivendell takes full advantage of).  Various automation vendors have proprietary extensions that provide more fields, but those are pretty much limited to interoperation within that vendor’s product offerings (and Rivendell, which will read a number of those formats).

While we could go down the road of inventing Yet Another One-Off Metadata Format, it’d far more useful to use something that is a bit more industry standard while also offering the ability to capture the full range of available fields.  Those may be incompatible requirements.  Any ideas?


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