[RDD] Apache Conf File Change

Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Mon Jun 13 06:56:33 EDT 2016

This in theory is just an Apache setup issue.  You just need to enable 
the mod and restart apache, it should load every time after that.

sudo a2enmod cgid
sudo service apache2 restart

On 12/06/16 23:53, Nick Andre wrote:
> The apache conf file for Rivendell doesn't include any logic to handle 
> the case that mod_cgi hasn't been properly loaded. Can someone who has 
> code access wrap it in an if module loaded statement that won't load 
> the conf if mod_cgi is lacking? That way it will trigger a 404 or some 
> such error.
> If this doesn't happen, the rivendell conf file can be loaded and when 
> anything sends a POST to rdxport.cgi apache just serves you 
> rdxport.cgi and reports a status code of 200 (essentially a silent 
> failure). Worse, rdimport assumes the import was successful and 
> deletes the source even though rdxport didn't do anything.
> --Nick
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