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Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Sun Jun 12 10:14:20 EDT 2016


I hear this phrase quite often and I hope I can get my point across 
without stepping on anyone's toes or causing offence (it is certainly 
not intended and I apologise in advance).

The main benefit to us as a radio station in the UK is not that 
Rivendell is "just as great as a commercial software".  In many ways 
Rivendell is above and beyond what we used to use.  Being open source 
and with the RML plugins you get with Riv, we can make it do anything we 
want and talk to any system we can dream up.  It also uses standard 
database and file storage not some weird big blob of file that magically 
stores it all (and then breaks shortening your life by at least 10 years 
over the course of two weeks).

We have it plugged into our website, it is on internal serial 
connections/GPIO lines and I'm currently working on a way of getting 
now/next with appropriate youtube links into Facebook potentially for 
the Facebook live stuff.  I'm also trying to get all of that working 
with mattermost so I can aggregate the show comms rather than having 
emails in this window, facebook here, phone stuff here, internal here 
etc etc.

With the commercial offerings you just can't do this kind of thing.  
You get your option in the preferences menu and if it is not the option 
you want, tough.  You might be able to email the developers and wait to 
buy the upgrade but that's the best case scenario.  Even better, you 
won't wake up tomorrow to find that somebody decided to remove all the 
stuff you use in Rivendell because it has to be in the app store and 
used on tablets or Windows 10 only.

Even if Fred and the team did go crazy one day, you could just fork the 
code on github and continue to use Rivendell the way you want to use it, 
not the way a company says you have to use it.

It is a bit of a culture shock to go Linux if you've never messed with 
it before but Paravel has tech support (and systems) you can use if you 
need some extra help.

Anyway ramble mode off, enjoy what's left of your weekends or if you're 
unlucky, Friday probably isn't too far away.



On 2016-06-12 12:38, Lee Baker wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> We are a community radio station in Brisbane and are running
> Rivendell.
> Its a great system and works just as great as a commercial software.
> From a community radio perspective, its very simple and easy for
> volunteers to wrap their head around it.
> Cheers,
> Lee
> On Fri, 10 Jun 2016 10:26 am Peter Bell <peter.bell at finemusicfm.com
> [3]> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We are looking at implementing Rivendell to replace an ageing NETIA
>> system, and I have been asked if there are any stations in
>> Australia
>> using Rivendell, so:
>> Are there any radio stations in Australia using Rivendell?
>> Regards,
>> Peter.
>> IT dept Fine Music 102.5 (2MBS-FM)
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