[RDD] Centos 6 ALSA Updates

Rick Thomas rick at kptz.org
Thu Jun 9 20:13:37 EDT 2016

Thanks, Robert!

Let me see if I’ve got the procedure for this correct...
I’d very much appreciate any comments you or Fred may have on the following!

We are a small, all volunteer, FM radio station, serving Eastern Jefferson County on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.
We have three types of machines running Rivendell Broadcast Appliance:

a) A single Rivendell server that provides the meta-data database and file-storage services.
b) a single Rivendell client, located in the “master control” room where the DJs sit when they’re on the air.  When there’s no live DJ (eg overnight) it runs RDAirPlay.
c) three Rivendell client machines, located in various places around the studio, that are used for editing, log construction, ripping CDs, and other off-the-air activities.

Obviously, downtime for (a) and (b) need to be pre-scheduled and very carefully controlled.  But we can test things on any of the type (c) machines; even, if necessary, do a full re-install of Broadcast Appliance, without affecting what our listeners experience.


1) I’ll try this out on one of the type (c) machines before touching the (a) or (b) machines at all.

2) Before running any updates, I should  check alsamixer settings, run alsactrl store, and create the file I am prompted for.
Which file would that be and where in the process will I be prompted?
Presumably I should carefully read the man page for alsamixer and alsactrl before I start!

3) Edit /etc/rc.local.
Is it OK to do this *before* applying any updates?
Am I correct that It won’t break anything if I reboot with this edit in place before updating?

4) Reboot, just to be sure we haven’t broken anything yet.

5) Apply all updates, including the ALSA updates.

6) Reboot.  Check that RD* apps all still work as expected.
(The (a) and (b) machines are still running pre-update software.  Hopefully that won’t cause any problems?)

7) Congratulations, and welcome to CentOS 6.8!

Do you think this will work?  Do you see anything I’ve missed?

Rick Thomas
IT geek
KPTZ 91.9 FM, Radio Port Townsend

> On Jun 9, 2016, at 3:30 AM, Robert Jeffares <jeffares.robert at gmail.com> wrote:
> Rick,
> As Fred says it's an Alsa thing which comes in an update you can de-select but has nothing to do with Rivendell.
> The update is not going to cause a problem until you re boot. I only picked it up when I re booted an off line machine.
> If you run all the updates check alsamixer settings run alsactrl store and create the file you are prompted for then  edit rc.local nothing will change, but if/when you eventually reboot everything will work as it should.  
> In time Centos will sort this out, but it's not a Rivendell issue. Unusual for a settings file to be relocated in a minor release, but it can and does happen.
> You can switch off the Centos updates and just install the Rivendell ones.
> My practice is to run with Centos updates as they often improve the operation of things. Centos has been quite stable, but I still maintain 4 copies of everything and run updates on a non essential machine, then others one by one. Generally I don't make any changes until they have been out for a month or so. I do look closely at mysql updates.
> regrds
> Robert

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