[RDD] Centos 6 ALSA Updates

Cowboy curt at cwf1.com
Thu Jun 9 07:00:38 EDT 2016

On Thursday 09 June 2016 06:30:44 am Robert Jeffares wrote:
> run updates on a non essential machine, then 
> others one by one. Generally I don't make any changes until they have 
> been out for a month or so.

 Same here, ever since the notorious WinNT SP2 update which broke
 NT hopelessly on many mission critical machines world wide, and was
 almost immediately recalled, but not before much damage was done.

 Now, it's very true, that *was* Micro$oft, but these days when too many
 "programmers" have a Micro$oft mentality, automatic updates has
 proven too often to be a very bad thing !

 I've had some trouble with all versions of anyone's distro, no matter the OS,
 including CentOS 7, which most recently broke the stock included e-mail
 client, while fixing the Vbox DKMS which the previous update broke.
 M$ recently seems to be deliberately breaking everything by putting
 a forced update to the seriously flawed Win10 into everything.

 Bottom line : If you're going to assume the responsibility of being
 or acting like a sysadmin, then it's YOUR responsibility to test and
 re-test any and everything deployed into the revenue stream.
 "Automatic updates" is just irresponsible, almost to a criminally negligent level.

 Red Hat does a pretty good job, but you have to remember who they
 are doing it for, and it's not you !
 Debian is much better, but they do have their political agenda.
 Ubuntu, well, not even worth mentioning.



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