[RDD] autoload applications

jorge soto jsoto3514 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 00:09:12 EDT 2016

 I'm trying to get a few applications to autoload sequentially on startup
on ubuntu 14 but it works very erratically.  Here is what I have scripted:


/usr/bin/qjackctl &

sleep 25;

/home/jorge/scripts/xmitt-processor.sh &

sleep 30;

/usr/bin/rdairplay &

sleep 15;

/usr/bin/butt &

sleep 10;

exit 0

the xmit-processor.sh is a  script to load calf-plugin presets but this is
the part of the main script the fails most of the time. Everything loads
fine but calf does not. Any ideas? Or if some one has a working script that
is willing to share?
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