[RDD] Desperately need help building clocks for Live Remote (outside broadcast)

Brandon brandon at subliminalradio.net
Thu Jun 2 06:28:40 EDT 2016

Hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial weekend!

Following James Harrison's OpenOB tutorial
<https://jamesharrison.github.io/openob/> (Thanks James!!!!) and this wiki
capture the input of the sound card and route it to RDAirPlay, we managed
to pull off our first live remote last night!!!

*Here's what we've done so far... *

   1. Created slightly modified* macro cart, based on the wiki above, in
   RDLibrary, to capture input of sound card and route it to RDAirPlay named
   REMOTE ON -- *We flip-flopped lines 3 and 4 in the RML macro, and extended
   the time to wait until the intro was finished playing before stopping
   RDAirPlay. (working)
   2. Created macro cart in RDLibrary to shut off capture of sound card
   input named REMOTE OFF (working)
   3. Created an event in RDLogManager with a hard start time set to make
   next with a pre-import cart for REMOTE ON.
   4. Created an event in RDLogManager with a pre-import cart for REMOTE
   5. Built 3 generic (non-music) clocks as follows:
   6. Live remote first hour: Produced :20 intro for the remote, then
   REMOTE ON from :20 to 59:59
   7. During live remote: between the first and last hour of the remote
   that does nothing (except keep RDAirPlay on time and load the log at
   8. Live remote last hour: does nothing for the first 59:40, then plays a
   TOH ID, then REMOTE OFF. It should automatically advance to the 2AM hour of
   local programming.
   9. Scheduled clocks in the grid.

9PM went off without a hitch. Intro played and REMOTE ON routed capture of
sound card to RDAirPlay. All programming  for the 5 hour duration was sent
via OpenOB back to the studio and it sounded AMAZING!!! But things quickly
devolved and the end was very sloppy.

Steps 1-6 work. But steps 7-9 seem to get skipped over and fail miserably.
Meaning, the log doesn't load at Midnight and RDAirPlay skips through the
commands and plays the 1:59 am TOH at midnight. Dead air at 2:00 requiring
a manual log load and start. :-/

*Here's what we need to happen: *

*First hour of remote (9:00 PM) *

   1. 1st clock position:  :00 - :20 produced intro for remote
   2. 2nd clock position: :20 - 59:59 REMOTE ON

*Hours 2, 3, and 4 (10PM, 11PM and 12MN)*

   1. Timed event with NO AUDIO for 59:59.
   2. Do nothing, but keep time for RDAirPlay and load log at midnight.
   3. Maybe 11PM needs a dedicated clock for log load?

*Last hour of remote (1 AM)*

   1. 1st position: 00: - :05 REMOTE ON (Do nothing for 59:35)
   2. 2nd position: 59:40 TOH ID
   3. 3rd position: REMOTE OFF
   4. Fire first local song of 2AM clock

Any help would me appreciated!

Thank you,
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