[RDD] GROUP shows in MySQL and RDAIRPLAY ADD, but not in RDLIBRARY

Robert Jeffares jeffares.robert at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 18:12:22 EDT 2016

I have three remote sites which run different formats using logs created 
at a central server.
Each site loads it's own News Weather and other local programming.
An hourly data dump from MySQL is rsync-ed to each remote site and 
inserted in the local database.
This is a selection of tables not the entire Rivendell database as local 
settings like soundcard outs need to be independent.
Each site needs to be able to do stuff in reserved CARTS which are not 
going to be over written by the master.
It's been working OK for some years.

Recently I added a GROUP which has CARTS which contain a s*tatutory* 
announcement we are required to report broadcast times for, a [random] 
month at a time. Report sets up on Master server and runs exactly as 
expected and one of the options produces a broadcast times but not dates 
report that the authority are happy with.

the GROUP shows up on the master server and has been updated to each of 
the remote sites. [MySQL enquiry confirms this]

the GROUP shows in the ADD menu in RDAIRPLAY on each remote

the GROUP does not show in the RDLIBRARY menu on each remote

checked Schema; all running 255

ran RDDBCHECK; no change <-- jolly good set of checks which found a few 

Much ferreting around in MySQL to see if some table in RDLIBRARY needs 
to be included in the dump; all the ones here are there

I am at the point where I think something in the RDLIBRARY 'show GROUPS' 
code has changed in a recent update which is a level beyond my ability.

Although I am keen to learn.

There has been some tu-tu-ing in RDLIBRARY but that was around multiple 
selection edits.

or did something get bumped?


Robert Jeffares

*The Wireless Station*
64 Warner Park Avenue


Auckland 0604

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06 650 6087
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