[RDD] Installation: A new approach

Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Wed Jul 20 11:16:44 EDT 2016

Howdy Folks:

Some further progress on our New Model Installer for RHEL distros: we now support installation in three different modes:

--standalone - Self-contained Rivendell setup, including automatic configuration of Samba shares (this is the mode that has been used from the beginning).

--server - Same as --standalone, but also enables MySQL DB sharing and audio store export via NFS.

--client - “Lightweight” installation intended for use with a server setup.  No MySQL, NFS exports or Samba shares.

Instructions here:

For RHEL 7.x:

	http://static.paravelsystems.com/rivendell-install/rivendell-install-rhel7.html <http://static.paravelsystems.com/rivendell-install/rivendell-install-rhel7.html>

For RHEL 6.x:

	http://static.paravelsystems.com/rivendell-install/rivendell-install-rhel6.html <http://static.paravelsystems.com/rivendell-install/rivendell-install-rhel6.html>


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