[RDD] New Rivendell Appliance Setup

Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Sat Jul 16 18:01:17 EDT 2016

Assuming your networking is actually working and you've assigned IP 
addresses statically (or reserved DHCP leases) all you have to do is 
edit /etc/rd.conf to point to rdserver on every machine for the MySQL 

You then NFS share the server's /var/snd and mount it locally on every 
machine also to /var/snd.

Then load up rdadmin and add a new host for each one of your machines.  
Then either restart the daemons or restart each client and you're (in 
theory) done.

On 2016-07-16 00:08, Ryan Kin wrote:
> I just installed 1 server and 3 clients on my network.
> On my rdserv, I used the 2 drives 0 spare option
> and on my other 3 computers I used the 2nd option, the networking 
> option
> How can I get my 3 PC's to network with my server easily?
> I tried to follow the instructions on the wikipedia website and on 
> the
> form here, and I get spun around, and little do I know, my computers
> wont network together or anything.
> Anyways, without getting me confused, what do I do with setting up 1
> server and 3 clients
> The names are as follows on my network.... rdserver, rdairone,
> rdprodone, rdprodtwo.
> Thank you!!!
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