[RDD] Installation: A new approach

Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Thu Jul 14 12:21:23 EDT 2016

On Jul 14, 2016, at 09:37, Chester Graham <president at chester.ws> wrote:

> My goal is to get this system working with the ASI 5211 being fed by jack being fed by Rivendell. I assume that I need the ALSA version of the driver running for that to happen.

An exotic setup to be sure!

> and replacing the firmware *.bin files with ones from our 4.14.03 driver release package your driver should work fine. However, I’d rather not do this manually because I suspect the problem will come back next time the operating system’s kernel is updated.

Quite right.  That’s exactly what will occur.

> ​I am waiting for further information from customer support at Audio Science on how to resolve this, but I suspect that the answer is going to come back to the driver being incorrectly configured in the Paravel Repository.

To the contrary, the driver is correctly configured *for the intended use case*.  In the overwhelming majority of cases (in fact, *every* one I’ve ever seen before reading your post) you want ASI cards configured to use the HPI driver with Rivendell, because that’s how you get access to the advanced features (time scaling, hardware MPEG, etc).  The driver supplied with Broadcast Appliance is very intentionally designed to disable ALSA on ASI cards so that HPI can run, while HPI is a hard dependency of the Rivendell RPMs themselves.  That being the case, I’m afraid that Broadcast Appliance is simply not compatible with the type of setup you’re seeking.


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