[RDD] Importing Issue with wrong Audio Length

Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Wed Jul 6 17:48:01 EDT 2016

You can use bash as a "dropbox" that copies to the real Rivendell 
dropbox directory afterwards


#Path to Rivendell dropbox (Change this to whatever)
#Keep the trailing /

#Would be a good idea to run this in screen so that you can monitor it
# screen -d -m -S mp3fixer /path/to/this/script.sh
# monitor with screen -r mp3fixer
# screen runs in the background so add it as a startup script and 
# about it

#Variable to set as running forever

#Loop forever
while [ $RUNNING -eq 1 ]; do

   #Find the mp3s
   for file in $(find -name "*.mp3"); do

     #We have mp3s so do something with them
     echo Found $file
     mp3val "$file" -f

     #Move it to Rivendell dropbox
     mv "$file" $RIVENDELL


   #Wait for 30 seconds before checking again
   sleep 30


Please note I'm writing this from google and direct to email so please 
check it or let me know if something doesn't work properly.

On 2016-07-06 20:42, Charly Hering wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to implement a Rivendell system in my organization.
> I work for a intercontinental radio association. In that case we 
> share
> and broadcast programs from a lot of different radios and we do not
> control all the prodution processes.
> I came to my point. A radio send us a daily program but the metadata
> seems corrupt. It shows a length of 1 hour but the real audio length
> is 15 min.
> I import it with a rivendell dropbox, and when rivendell create a 
> log,
> it mess up the playlist with the faulty lenght (creating time with
> nothing sheldue)
> Passing the audio track in a tag editor fix the issue, for example:
> _$ mp3val audio.mp3 -f_ 
> I would like to keep the automated function of the dropbox: Drag the
> file and no more to do to import and create the log
> Is there a possibility to add this function easily to the dropbox
> script used by rivendell.
> Thanks
> Charly

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