[RDD] Installing Rivendell in the Cloud? (for virtual playout system)

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Mon Jan 25 13:07:46 EST 2016

Hey Matthew,

On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 11:44 AM, Matthew Tunstill <matt at wandsworthradio.com
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> Hi All,
> I was just wondering if anyone managed to get a Rivendell playout system
> to run in a virtual environment with no access to soundcard (e.g. Amazon
> AWS) at all? I'm looking to develop a backup system (or 2nd station) to use
> when we don't want our live output to go on the main radio channel for some
> circumstances (playout in restaurants/offices where certain programmes
> can't go live for licensing etc).
I cannot speak to running it in a virtual environment, but I have run it on
a machine with no sound card. I used jack and dummy and routed to darkice
(iirc, these days I would likely go liquidsoap) and then to icecast and

> The sound output is the main issue and with limited knowledge of JACKs
> capabilities; I'd like this automation to run continuously and pushed to an
> input for a shoutcast/icecast broadcaster on the same or small machine in
> the cloud (or push out via STL software).
> I've found a few people with blogs who mention it, but no explicit methods
> of how to configure Rivendell Playout to work. Any ideas?
> Regards,
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> all the best,

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