[RDD] Rivendell and Program cues.

Rob Landry 41001140 at interpring.com
Mon Jan 18 13:47:20 EST 2016

I have done this. Our network uses five closures: bumper 1 (20 seconds); 
bumper 2 (15 seconds); bumper 3 (10 seconds); top-of-hour ID (20 seconds); 
and local break start.

I found it most convenient to map each of the the bumpers and ID's to 
Sound Panel buttons and have the closures fire the buttons vis macros. The 
local break start fires a macro that runs an external shell command 
containing an rmlsend with a Play Next command. I found that Play Next 
won't fire reliably from a macro within rdairplay; it needs to be fired 
from a shell command.

We have a Broadcast Tools audio switcher with input #1 being Rivendell, #2 
being the satellite feed, and #3 being the local studio console. When the 
local break start closure is received, Rivendell tells the switcher to 
mute the satelite audio before playing the first spot in the break. The 
last event in each break is a macro to unmute the satellite, after which 
Rivendell stops because the first event in the next break has a Stop 

I can't remember why, but I had to use an invalid audio cut as the first 
element in each local break. This cut has a Stop transition, and is 
immediately followed by the macro to mute the Network feed.

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On Mon, 18 Jan 2016, James Greenlee wrote:

> I'm looking at deploying Rivendell in an environment that is primarily programmed via an XDS satellite receiver.  The programs from the XDS have net cues that the XDS can use to trigger relay closures on the back of the XDS.  I need to take these relay closures from the XDS and connect them to GPI's on the Rivendell system and have the Rivendell system step through local advertisements etc.
> My knowledge of radio automation is very limited, and my knowledge of Rivendell is smaller than that.  I know in RDAdmin I can setup the GPI's to play macros on state transitions and I also see in the macros in the Rivendell guide some potentially interesting commands (PL PN PS, and the various switch options).  What's not clear to me is how this would work with the concept of "clocks" and "grids" within Rivendell.
> I'd really appreciate any input on how to make this work.
> Thanks,
> James Greenlee
> WZXI 1280 AM
> Lancaster, KY.
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