[RDD] Midnight legal ID "next"?

Bernardo J Mora bjmora at mac.com
Wed Jan 13 04:37:01 EST 2016

So I’ve never been fussy about hitting the top of hour IDs exactly, but usually they’re within a minute or two… 

Except at midnight. During the week I tend to run two longer programs in the 11PM hour, the first of which may run longer than 1/2 hour, and the second timed at exactly 29 minutes. But I would expect my midnight legal ID (next day’s log), scheduled “timed, make next” at 00:00 to be the next event after midnight, even if it’s a few minutes after… 

Except that one or two of (my usual) overflow events from the 11PM hour seem to carryover after midnight, so sometimes the midnight legal ID, rather than running a few minutes later, runs as late as 10-11 minutes because the overflow events aren’t “dropped”. Any ideas?

BJ Mora for GraceRadio / KGCE-LP / Modesto FM 106.1

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