[RDD] CentOS 7 (Beta) Appliance question

Rob Landry 41001140 at interpring.com
Fri Jan 8 15:52:28 EST 2016

God, I'm starting to hate CentOS 7. The screen displays in 1360x768, but 
there's a top and bottom bar that I can't make go away. With the bars 
there, there's not enough space to display all of rdairplay, so the 
Add/Delete/Move buttons aren't there.

In Gnome 3 on Debian 7, I could set these bars to "autohide", but CentOS 
7's version of Gnome 3 doesn't seem to allow that. The only alternative 
seems to be to increase to the next higher resolution, which is 1920x1080. 
That's enough to show all of rdairplay, but all the text is now teeny-tiny 
and wiggly. Our program hosts would go blind trying to use that.

Is NASA in charge of Gnome? I remember when NASA could land men on the 
moon, and now it can't even get them into space. Gnome used to be much 
more configurable; now you pretty much have to take it as it comes, and 
CentOS doesn't seem to offer anything else.

What's this "Default (Local)" thing that appears in the upper left corner? 
It doesn't seem to do anything, and it covers the Applications menu, 
making it difficult to launch any programs.

Apologies for the whine.

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