[RDD] Fwd: RDGpiMon not working

Dan Gruner dan at loudaudio.co.uk
Sun Jan 3 12:26:22 EST 2016

Can anyone help with my question posted back in November?  I have the 
GP0's working and switching external equipment; however there is no GPI 
and RDGpiMon is about as useful as a chocolate teapot in that is doesn't 
show anything happening..! ;)

Happy New Year to all.


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Subject: 	[RDD] RDGpiMon not working
Date: 	Mon, 23 Nov 2015 00:25:43 -0000
From: 	Dan Gruner <dan at loudaudio.co.uk>
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Hi all,

Can anyone please point me in the direction as to why RDGpiMon does not 
do what it’s supposed to do?  On at least 3 different systems I have had 
the same issue in that it doesn’t do anything – ie does not show the 
status and changes of GPI’s and GPO’s at all!  I have GPO’s working fine 
via serial port modem control lines, switching external equipment.

Currently running v2.10.3 under Debian 7 and 8.

Many thanks

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