[RDD] Trying to get Rivendell to work with Broarcast Tools SRC 16...

Joe Panarello joe at systemsciences.com
Wed May 27 22:18:08 EDT 2015

I wonder if anyone has had this problem or could shed some light on the
issue. We are trying to integrate a Broadcast Tools Switcher SRC-16+ to use
on a new Rivendell installation 2.10.3. The problem is that we cannot get
Rivendell to communicate with the switcher.
We are able to talk to the BT-16 via Minicom and can turn on and off all
relays. Using "*0OR01L" = on and "*0OR01F" = off format. We have added the
dialout group to the rd user with "usermod -a -G dialout rd" command.
Additionally we have set the permissions for ttyS0 by "chmod 666
/dev/ttyS0". We have setup the serial port in Rivendell  serial port admin
to 9600 8 1 none as requested by the documentation.
I've created a few macro's GO 0 O 0 1! To turn on the  #1 relay and GO 0 O 1
0 0! to turn off the relay. Neither do anything, the TX or TR lights on the
BT-16 do not flash as they do with the Minicom. I even tried a macro
 "SO *0OR01L!" and still nothing. It seems like we are not communicating at
all through Rivendell.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Joe Panarello

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