[RDD] Grrrr, Aaargh

Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Tue May 26 10:06:50 EDT 2015

JOCK WILL PAY sounds like a good idea, the only way I've ever convinced 
presenters to do as they're told (sadly it was only temporary) was to 
show them how much money they have to spend.

We had a problem with shift workers setting the AC to 30C (about 86F for 
you blood obsessed people), the equipment would overheat and bad things 
would happen.

So I sent them a price list of the equipment, printed it on the studio 
wall and told them all whatever show I have where something breaks is 
the show/presenter that gets charged unless the room temperature is what 
it is meant to be.

As I said, worked great for about 4 months.

Wayne Merricks
The Voice Asia

On 26/05/15 13:35, Cowboy wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 May 2015 08:30:23 am Rob Landry wrote:
>> This appears to be a classic illustration of the reality that fools are so
>> ingenious that nothing is foolproof.
>   Maybe change the labels so that Airplay is labeled "Paid Spots"
>   and label Sound Panel "Free to client Spots - JOCK WILL PAY"
>   Sometimes, you just can't win.

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