[RDD] 24/7 Record with RDcatch

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Hello Daniel,
You may find that this is a problem due to the maximum file size for a .wav file. A better solution may be to run a simple command line utility like rotter. 

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Hey guys,

we're trying to set up a 24/7 recording of our program with rdcatch - but it doesn't work by now.

We created events of the lenght of our shows, so there are some 2 hour recording events and a few three our recording events.

What happens is that the three hour recording events do not work. There are always just a few seconds recorded, if we export the file its size is always 149mb - which is (as a wave) much too small and contains only three minutes of the program.

The two hour recordings work (in 95%) perfectly.

Do you have similar setups? Or did you even had the same problem and know how to solve it? Is it wise to do a 24/7 recording with rdcatch or do you have other ideas?

Thanks in advance,



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