[RDD] RDLibrary bug on multi cart edit

Aaron Jowitt Aaron.Jowitt at rebelfm.com.au
Mon May 25 06:32:51 EDT 2015

Hi Alessio

That bug report confirmed here in 2.10.3.

You can't mass select and EDIT>EDIT CARTS to a different group in 
RDLibrary, as existing YEAR metadata on all carts transitioned is lost 
and field is left empty.


Hi there,
a guy just found a bug on RDLibrary which I think it hasn't been reported
yet. When you change GROUP to many carts at once using RDLibrary you will
loose the year information on every cart.
In order to reproduce the bug you can simply do the folllowing:
- Open RDLibrary
- Select more than one cart
- Edit
- Change GROUP.
What happens:
- Group has changed, but Year field in every cart has been lost.


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