[RDD] Rmlsend for "Schedule now"

Alessio Elmi alessio_elmi at hotmail.com
Mon May 11 06:51:08 EDT 2015

Hi there,
is there any solution for a rmlsend command which "schedule/play now" a
My idea is to create a macro cart (RN myscript.sh!) which is scheduled
regularly in the log. Myscript.sh does a db query and decides which cart to
play. Once the the db gives me the answer I would need to add the end of
myscript.sh something like:
rmlsend PLAY-NOW (and not NEXT) $CART!
...but I couldn't find any command of that form, only ADD NEXT, which I
don't like because $CART "presents" the very next song and cannot go after
Is there any solution for that?


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