[RDD] Play a live stream with Rivendell?

Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Mon May 4 06:01:46 EDT 2015

You would have to use an external player but if you are using JACK, you 
could use the RN macro to spawn cvlc and connect to the same outputs as 

You'd also have to have a cart that stopped the feed (rn killall cvlc or 

If you're not using JACK you'd have to pass cvlc to a different sound 
card and then onto the on air play out via a desk fader. Obviously you'd 
have to remember to leave this fader turned on and you could do a 
generic now & next announcement but if the live event played music you 
couldn't automatically change to that.

Also be aware that by streaming you'll probably have a delay of up to 30 
seconds with buffers and things unless you really tune it down.

Wayne Merricks
The Voice Asia

On 04/05/15 08:13, Peter van Embden wrote:
> Thanks. I think I'll just stick with the "plug in a laptop" option 
> this time.
> Verstuurd
> *Van:* Nicholas Young <mailto:nicholas at originalmachine.com>
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> *Aan:* Peter van Embden <mailto:twitter at moqua.nl>
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> I asked about this a while back. The answer I received was no.
> I haven't tried it, so I don't know if it will work. The advice I 
> received was to use an external media player and route the audio as 
> needed. Then, use Rivendell's trigger to update the Icecast metadata, 
> should you need to do so.
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> On May 3, 2015, at 12:26 PM, Peter van Embden <twitter at moqua.nl 
> <mailto:twitter at moqua.nl>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     I was wondering: is it possible to set up a cart which can play a
>     stream? For example: I know there's a stream at stream.radio.com
>     <http://stream.radio.com>:9000 (or something like that), and I
>     want to play that stream on my station. Can Rivendell handle this
>     in some kind of way? The Operations Guide doesn't say anything
>     about this, but I kinda need to know this. If it's not possible,
>     I'll have to instruct someone to connect a laptop to the line-in
>     of the mixer.
>     The reason (for if you're wondering): the major will be
>     speaching somewhere and we'll be broadcasting that live. The
>     location has a live-stream which we can pick up. If I can create a
>     cart that will play this stream, things will be much easier. In
>     the future we will have to do similar things more often. In the
>     past, before we started using Rivendell, we also had a way to do this.
>     Sincerely
>     Peter van Embden
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>     The Netherlands
>     Verstuurd
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