[RDD] Rivendell-dev Digest, Vol 26, Issue 8

James L. Stewart jstewart at paceaudio.com
Tue Jun 9 19:18:31 EDT 2015

Yea, this seems really nice!

My biggest concern is using the audio out that is built into the Pi.  I 
think I was reading somewhere that it doesn't even do 16-bit resolution 
and it kind of sounds like it doesn't as I hear some low level 
"fuzziness" riding on the audio, especially at low levels.  I have had 
great success so far plugging outboard USB sound devices into the Pi.  
The advantage here is that you can get one that actually has balanced 
out and can actually do +4 db levels too, which you won't be able to do 
directly off the Pi's audio.  On top of that you would likely get a set 
of balanced inputs as well (sometimes even proper mic levels with 
optional phantom power!), so you could make the unit bi-directional 
(might need a Pi-2 for this so not to run out of processing power).  
True, some of the units from M-audio and others are a bit pricey but 
I've seen a lot of cheaper things from time to time that seem to work 
just fine too.

Of course if you add too much cost, then you start bumping up against 
the price of some of the BARIX brand commercially produced streamers, 
but I guess they get pricey once you move up to a balanced out model.

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> Hi all,
> Off topic but I had to build an "audio codec" for very little money and
> at short notice (less than 12 hours).  Now that the heart attack has
> finished I wrote up the install with some pictures over on github.
> https://github.com/waynemerricks/picodec
> I think all in, it cost less than ?150.  For that I get audio
> restreaming onto standard XLR ports with standard IEC power connectors
> in a 1U box.
> It also emails when things happen and provides reverse ssh for remote
> administration.
> Feel free to message on or off list if anyone is crazy enough to follow
> my ramblings.
> Regards,
> -- Wayne Merricks The Voice Asia

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