[RDD] Init script unable to create /var/run/rivendell

Alessio Elmi alessio_elmi at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 9 17:14:03 EDT 2015

Just to understand: could find out the reason in the end?
I mean.. in /etc/init.d/ there are other scripts, aren't they? Debian
default stuff.. what could be the differnece between them and your script?

Maybe it's time to deal with a systemd script..

Il giorno mar 9 giu 2015 alle ore 22:55 Dave B <info at dbickford.com> ha

> I've already tried that Alessio.
> On 6/9/2015 4:31 PM, Alessio Elmi wrote:
> > Do you mean the file located in /etc/init.d/rivendell ?
> > Is there any problem in chown that init script by 'root' and let it
> > create a folder in /var/run which belongs to 'rivendell'?
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