[RDD] Unexpected Behavior With RdLogin

Frederick Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Mon Jul 27 07:23:16 EDT 2015

On Jul 26, 2015, at 03:42 52, Rich Stivers <rich at stivers-bros.com> wrote:

> In RdLogin I see a drop-down list of only one username - user. Shouldn't admin be in the drop-down list as well?
> I created a new user in RdAdmin-> Manage Users, but it's not showing in the RdLogin username drop-down list
> either.

This is exactly as it should be.  ‘admin’ is administrator account.  As such, and by design, it has rights for using RDAdmin, and nothing else.  Hence, there would be no reason to have it appear in the RDLogin module.


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